Lily Allen back making music again

Those pining for a public school-educated faux Cockney with a winning line in cheeky lyrics about sexual letdowns can cheer up – Lily Allen is returning to the music business.

Allen had withdrawn from the fray to concentrate on fashion designing and have her first baby, Ethel, with husband Sam Cooper last November. Despite suggesting that she was completely fed up with the music business, it seems Allen has now warmed to the idea of recording a third album to follow up the hits Alright, Still and It’s Not Me, It’s You.

A source told The Daily Star: "Lily has been in the studio trying different sounds and writing new tracks. She's not at a stage where she can start recording but the new album is definitely under way and there's a chance it could be released early next year.

"When Lily retired she honestly thought she'd never record again. But she started writing for the new Bridget Jones musical and that gave her the bug back. Her life has changed so much since her last album and she now has a different perspective. Lily wants a more mature sound and is penning tracks about Ethel and Sam."

It’s intriguing that the information comes from a supposed third party, as Allen was never previously shy of using social media to promote her ventures. Indeed she launched her musical career on MySpace (remember that?).

The first fruits of her return to music will be the songs for the Bridget Jones musical which is scheduled to go into production this year.

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