Lily Allen confirms songs for Bridget Jones musical

Lily Allen may have quit the grind of the pop music scene, what with its gruelling schedule of gigging and getting plastered afterwards, followed by someone pinching your music off the internet for free. Yeah, best to sack it off and become a songwriter so you can live off the royalties. Lovely stuff.

So it’s just as well that she’s doing just that, and having written a load of songs for the new Bridget Jones musical could have as many as ten in the final show. This will mean lots of lovely money for the young lady, and won’t that be nice for her?

‘Everyone thinks it's just one or two songs,’ said Allen. ‘But I've now had ten accepted and they look to be making the final cut for the show. I'm hugely proud of this and it's something I've worked really bloody hard on. The money would be great but it's being recognised as a songwriter and lyricist that truly excites me.’

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