Lily Allen in Twitter rebuke to critics of her views on feminism

Controversial singer Lily Allen is airing her views again. This time she’s defending herself from critics who have questioned her view that “feminism "shouldn't even be a thing anymore.” She’s used Twitter to tell her critics that they can "f**k off".

She’s asked those who are questioning her views “why there is no "man version of feminism?” and the Smile singer has claimed that only activists wearing "Australian bush hats with dirty tampons in place of corks" can denounce her comments.

The 28-year old singer wrote on Twitter: “Unless you're standing outside Downing Street with one of those Australian bush hats with dirty tampons in place of corks shouting 'equal rights for men and women', you've got no place telling me what kind of feminist I am or am not.”

The mother-of-two has also caused a fuss by criticising metrosexual men while guest editing Shortlist's 'How To Be A Man' issue. "I like that when my husband gets up in the morning he spends about 12 seconds looking in the mirror and then leaves," she said. "I'm not into men who are vain, or even wearing aftershave. Men should be men. Go out, earn some money, come back and look after my children."

Allen’s using the controversy created by this mini-media storm to plug her latest album Sheezus, which she says is all about “how girls are pitted against each other, unlike men. I know you had it in the 90s with Blur versus Oasis, but it’s not the same thing. It’s like, ‘Who looks the best?’, ‘You’re getting too old to do this, you shouldn’t be doing that’. There seems to be a moral undertone when women are concerned that doesn’t happen with men, and that’s what the song is about.”

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