Lily's 'a good kid'

Rare is the occasion where cantankerous rock curmudgeon Noel Gallagher puts away his Werthers and actually praises some of the young whipper snappers that the kids are listening to these days, but even he is into pop siren Lily Allen.

Oasis and Allen both played the Rock Werchter festival in Belgium last Thursday, and either he's noticed how she's grown up, or he actually enjoys music that isn't The Enemy-style plodding pub rock.

'I've known Lil since she was a kid,' he said on the official Oasis blog. 'Her old fella used to bring her round to that Supernova Heights gaff of mine in the '90s. A good kid. Works hard, plays hard.' Calm down Noel, you might break out into a smile or something.

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