Little Boots got the boot from Simon

Remember when Little Boots was tipped for hotness after topping the BBC Sound 2009 poll back in January? Well the Gaga-esque mayhem has started with the release of her storming debut single 'New In Town' but seems the climb to the top wasn't always so easy.

Little Boots, aka Victoria Hersketh has spoken publicly about what it was like to be rejected by 'pop svengali' Simon Cowell in the third round of Pop Idol. It's fair to say getting the big boot was the making of the Little Boot.

“I got to the third round of Pop Idol and was kicked out. Simon wasn’t very kind. But it helped give me a thicker skin in dealing with people. I swiftly realised that shows like Pop Idol are no short cut to the top. That comes from hard work. Pop Idol was an experience but litle else.”

On her decision to devote herself to pop rather than trying her hand at something self consciously 'cooler', Little Boots said: "I think it's just what I write the most naturally to be honest. I've always been very much a pop writer so I decided to stop fighting it and embrace it rather than trying to do something cool. I just thought this is what I do the best so I just need to go with it."

Check out her debut single 'New In Town' - album 'Hands' is out June 8th.

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