Live music dealt another blow

The current economic crisis isn’t just affecting the lives of those who bought houses at stupidly high prices and got shafted by those despicable sub-human scumbags who run the financial markets. No, it’s also affecting pubs (well that and the evil sub-human scumbags who run breweries and shaft landlords every which way): one of London’s most iconic gig venues is closing because of it.

The Half Moon in Putney, London’s leafy south-west corner, has been hosting up and coming and unsigned bands for over four decades and has seen some of the country’s most legendary bands like The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Small Faces and plenty more besides. However, money problems have forced the owners to announce that they will stop hosting gigs from the end of January next year. They are hosting a variety of nights until that sad day though, so get down there and support local music while it’s still possible.

‘I can't think of many venues I've been to which can cater for professional touring bands and rising unsigned bands and are willing to treat the two no differently,’ said the wonderfully named Redvers Bailey, the venue’s sound engineer. ‘Speaking as a band member I'd say I haven't played at any 200 capacity venue that offers as good sound/lighting production, atmosphere and door deal.’

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