London is Dead

No it’s not, it’s alive and kicking, well, not kicking maybe, but alive at least. Or Camden is anyway, it must be, to host London is Dead on Friday at the Monarch.

Rapidly becoming one of the best places to see new bands and fresh (out of DJ school) DJs, The Monarch’s dingy décor and cheap drinks make it the perfect Camden venue. (Unless you want to see Amy Winehouse decking a bouncer, in which case get yourself to the Hawley Arms down the road).

This Friday’s line-up is well worth a few quid on the door and includes the likes of Adam Ficek from Babyshambles doing a solo performance, The New York Fund live and DJs from a wide range of backgrounds and genres.

The night is guaranteed to be rowdy fun with an eclectic mix of tunes, outfits and attitudes. Very Camden indeed.

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