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If you are looking for London Theatre tickets, your primary source for these should be Londontheatreboxoffice.net. Here you can secure your tickets for all London's top theatres, West End musicals and even hotel packages. You can even save up to 70% off tickets to these shows.

Theatre tickets are available for all top shows. Billy Elliot, Chicago, Dirty Dancing, Les Miserables, Mamma Mia and Grease are just some of the many shows that are on daily. Prices for the shows range from £30 up to £200 for premium seating.

You can also book your hotel and ticket package on this site. Some of the best-selling theatre break offers are blood brothers and a hotel which is priced from just £48. Billy Elliot and accommodation starts at just £79. There are many more deals available on the site.

Another great feature about this website is the fact that you can also book show and dinner packages. This is a lovely gift for anyone to receive and there are hundreds of options to choose from. Planet Hollywood, Prezzo and Palm Court are just some of the fine dining restaurants you could be eating in before you enjoy your top class show.

Discounted Theatre tickets are the speciality of Londontheatreboxoffice.net. Some of their promotions currently include:

  • Blood Brothers - Was £52.50, Now £23.50
  • Grease - Was £53.50, Now £32.50
  • Michael Jackson's Thriller - Was £50.50, Now £40.50


And if that wasn't enough, Londontheatreboxoffice.net also sells discounted tickets to other London events. Tours of Windsor, Jack the Ripper trails and heritage passes are also on offer. Madame Tussauds tickets start at only £21.

Any trip to London would not be complete without a flight on the London Eye. Flights can be pre-booked on the site. You can't afford to miss the panoramic views of London.

Visit Londontheatreboxoffice.net to prebook tickets to any of these shows, packages or attractions.


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