The public memorial for recently deceased heavy metal legend Ronnie James Dio is set to be hi-jacked by the mental religious cult the Westboro Baptist Church (you know, the ‘God hates fags’ loonies), who were made famous in the UK by a 2007 Louis Theroux documentary. Dio died on 16 May after losing his battle with cancer.

The service, which takes place in Los Angeles on 30 May, will be picketed by the nutters because of Dio’s supposed links with the devil. They claim he worshiped Satan, encouraged violence and hated God, and are asking their members to go to the funeral ‘to remind you who worship that old serpent, Satan, that your time is very short.’

‘We'll be there!’ shouted their website. ‘Just because the chances of any of God's elect being amongst this group of heavy metal sycophants is slim to none does not mean they should not get some good words.’

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