Lost your job? Whatever

Pity the rich people and their horrible difficult lives. It's not nice being obscenely wealthy and having some people say beastly things about you, you know. Just ask U2's multi-millionaire drummer Larry Mullen, who's had it up to here with the level of sheer jealousy of people who, after all, power modern growing economies like Ireland.... oh wait.

'You see guys and they're bringing a huge amount of money into this country and they do not deserve to be humiliated,' said the man who has to share a stage with the ludicrous Bono. 'Humiliate me, I can deal with it. But when I heard and saw Dermot Desmond coming in with his family, what a thing to have done with him. He brought huge amounts of money into the country.

'Love them or loathe them, all those rich wives, all those rich guys with all those balls (excuse me? - Ed), all those women that you see organising this and organising that, without them we'd be in a very, very different state than we are now.

'A lot of people who are well off in this country make huge contributions with their time and with their money.' So stop complaining proles, all right?

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