Lucy and Kye Leave X Factor

This weekend saw the departure of two X Factor contestants – one due to illness and the other through the more traditional exit. Lucy Spraggan finally threw in the towel after missing two weeks of performances.

In a statement, Lucy said “I am gutted not to be able to continue on this journey but I'm not well enough to perform. To accept another free pass having missed last weekend would not be fair on the others in the competition. I wish them all well. I would like to express my thanks to everyone who has supported me. There is no way that this setback will prevent me from fulfilling my ambition.”

While it is always a shame to see such a promising talent bow out due to uncontrollable circumstance, the show did indeed have to go on. And on Sunday night, in yet another blaze of controversy, Kye Sones was eliminated.

Sones and Rylan Clark were consigned to the sing-off after receiving the lowest number of public votes, and the judges started to deadlock. Gary Barlow who has long let his distaste for Clark shine through told him "Rylan I've enjoyed your fun in this competition but when you're put next to a real singer, you just do not compete."

Louis Walsh was slightly more diplomatic in his vote to lose Clark, but the deciding ballot was cast by Tulisa who flew to Rylan’s rescue, saying "When it comes down to it...it's not just the singing competition, it's the X Factor. The act that I look forward to seeing each week is Rylan. I’ve got to go with my heart I'm sorry, the act I'm sending home is Kye."

Yet again, questions of style over substance will remain, as will questions about who bosses prefer to keep in the show to keep the gossip wheel turning. Meanwhile Kye is off to work on an album.

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