Lydon unimpressed by American Idol

In his latest bout of grumpiness, John Lydon has dismissed music talent shows such as The Voice and American Idol. Talking to Reuters, the PiL frontman said he found the shows distasteful.

"They're dragging us back into Las Vegas wannabes," he said. "And there's the painful tone of humiliation, the smirking at who gets voted off. And people now think that's the universe of music. That's utterly corrupting too."

PiL have recently returned with a new album This Is PiL, 20 years after the previous release. Lydon said it had not been his choice to leave it so long, but it was down to record company complications. "I had to outwait them," he said. "It was a very difficult time for me, almost like a state of mental starvation. You're gagging at the bit to work, and music's my life. But I found that the law worked against me, all the corporations and accountants. So I had a very negative view of business-as-usual."

Record companies, he suggested, deserved their current financial struggles. "Their corrupting, all-binding contract nonsense had to stop. But this modernization of sampling and regurgitating of old ideas isn't healthy either. Live music is healthy."

He is also unimpressed by the record company decision to re-release the Sex Pistols classic God Save The Queen to coincide with the Diamond Jubilee and attempt to claim the number one spot that eluded the Pistols in 1977. "It is not my campaign, and it totally undermines what the Sex Pistols stood for," Lydon said.

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