Macca praises 100 Club

With London's historic 100 club facing closure, thanks to ever increasing rent, its famous fans have rallied round to give the venue a helping hand. And one particular fan is certainly pulling his substantial weight (er, not that's he's fat). Paul McCartney is playing a super-secret intimate gig at the tiny club to raise much needed readies. And ahead of the concert, taking place this Friday, he has given an interview praising the joint.

Paul told the NME, 'We are really looking forward to the show. I've never played at the 100 Club before and it's great to be playing at a venue with so much great history that has seen so many brilliant gigs over the years. One of the reasons for playing the 100 Club, besides playing a small club gig, is so that we can be part of the campaign to help the venue stay open for a new generation of up-and-coming artists, like myself!'

Har har Paul! He hasn't lost it, you know...

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