Madly Scorn Boy

Badly Drawn Boy has ended his tour of the US and Canada with an astonishing onstage meltdown. The singer broke down mid-set, cursing the audience and insisting he’d ’never play live again.’

The former Mercury Prize winner was playing his second date at LA’s Troubadour Club, only two months after releasing Photographing Snowflakes, a welcome return to form following a string of disappointing albums.

Damon Gough started thowing his toys out the pram at an early stage. Claiming the sound was ‘swampy’ and ‘terrible’, he told the audience ‘I'm never playing here again.’ When things didn’t improve he became more angry, shouting ‘I just can’t do it!’

Then, after someone in the audience told Gough he ‘sound[ed] great,’ the singer replied back: ‘Shut up, you stupid bitch! ... I'm going to ruin my career tonight! I don't give a f*ck ... [I'm] ready to fight.’

After repeatedly stopping and starting songs, at at one point yelling to the audience ‘You c*nts can shut the f*ck up’, the Bolton singer left the stage for a cigarette. When he returned his mood had turned from anger to despair. ‘After tonight I'm never playing live again,’ he said. ‘Seriously, do you think I want to be here? ... This night has been a complete disaster for me.’ One of the last songs, a cover of Madonna's Like a Virgin, he dedicated to the fans who hadn’t left. ‘I wish I could turn back the clock and start over,’ he said. ‘I should just open a shop somewhere.’

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