Madonna collapses on stage

Madonna is known as one of the hardest working women in pop, and has been doing humungous world tours for over two decades. You’d think after all that experience she’d know when it was time to slow down a tad, but instead she carried on performing even after collapsing twice on stage.

The Queen of Pop lost consciousness while singing 80s classic Holiday in Sofia, Bulgaria and had to be held up by one of her dancers. She later passed out as she left the stage during Spanish Lesson.

Madge was really worried backstage,’ said one of The Sun’s sources. ‘She had to sit down for a longer break than usual between songs.

‘She refused to end the show or take a break after the Holiday dizzy spell. It turns out she's suffering from exhaustion. She is anaemic.

‘She was advised to postpone the last two shows in Israel for a few days, but logistics and stubborness stopped her. She'll do them then take some rest.’

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