Madonna courts controversy. Again

Madonna’s eagerness to shock continues unabated even as she heads into her mid-50s, an age at which a certain dignity is usually in order. Hot from trying to shock people with a dated drug reference in the title of her new album MDNA, the video for the latest single Girls Gone Wild has been banned from open view on YouTube.

The notion that anyone under 18, or under 42 for that matter, would be interested in watching a Madonna clip seems unlikely, but no doubt the singer relishes the brief frisson of controversy.

A "source" quoted in the New York Post claims that YouTube has asked for the video to be re-edited, and requested the removal of certain scenes to make it appropriate for mainstream viewing. The scenes include shots of male buttocks, a man rubbing his crotch and an S&M scene. If you lose those kinds of scenes, what would be left of Madonna's video oeuvre?

Madonna’s manager Liz Rosenberg commented: "Some things never change. This is a throwback to when MTV refused to show Justify My Love." In short, she sounded surprised that such old-hat promotional tricks were still effective.

Getting a video banned at least amounts to an improvement on getting a film roundly ridiculed as happened with Madonna's recent venture onto celluloid, the critically-reviled W.E, described by one of the gentler reviewers as a "primped and simpering folly". The singer has not yet made it clear whether making the film inspired her new song I F***ed Up.

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