Madonna sells 7 million dollar painting to raise money for girls education

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It seems that the celebrity vogue for adopting / buying / semi kidnapping African children may well be swinging back into the limelight after the apparently angelic A list behavior took a bit of a battering.

Madonna has announced that she is selling an abstract painting by French artist Fernand Leger. The painting is expected to fetch anything up to $7 million as the singer declared that she wanted to trade something valuable for something invaluable - art for education.

The singer said she was selling the painting, "Trois Femmes a la table rouge", to raise funds for girls' education projects in Afghanistan, Pakistan and anywhere else where female education is virtually non-existent – or at the very least – struggles to have a universal impact.

So far, so good. Except Madonna’s track record in charitable education is decidedly less than stellar. Following various legal controversies over her adoptions in Malawi, Madge’s much vaunted plans to build 10 schools were subsumed in a wave of controversy as costs spiralled, accusations of mismanagement multiplied and projects collapsed.

The Malawian president, Joyce Banda sharply criticized Madonna for “changing her mind” over a plan to build an girl’s academy while the education minister described her concrete contributions as being a matter of classrooms rather than schools. The Malawian government have rather turned their back on Madonna as it seemed that the stresses involved in balancing her commitments and her PR needs were simply more trouble than they were worth.

Announcing the sale of the Leger painting, Madonna, 54, said "I cannot accept a world where women or girls are wounded, shot or killed for either going to school or teaching in girls' schools. We don't have time to be complacent," Madonna said in a statement.

"I want to trade something valuable for something invaluable - Educating Girls!"

Meanwhile, serial adopter Angelina Jolie opened a girls' school in Afghanistan this week and announced plans to fund more by selling a jewellery line.

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