Madonna sued for rogue Vogue samples

Irony fans will enjoy the news that Madonna is being sued for appropriating a sample for one of her tracks. The singer, who made a great deal of noise about the similarity between her song Express Yourself and Lady Gaga’s Born This Way, is accused of using a sample of Love Break by Salsoul Orchestra on her hit Vogue.

Hold on, you are entitled to ask at this point, wasn’t Vogue released back in the last century? Indeed it was, but it has taken all of 22 years for the VMG record label to notice the pilfering, or more likely it has taken them this long to realise they could make a few bucks out of the still very solvent Material Girl.

"The portions of Love Break, which have been copied into Vogue and all its various 'mixes', 'remixes', 'videos', YouTube versions etc, are numerous but intentionally hidden," they claimed. "The horn and strings in Vogue are intentionally sampled from Love Break throughout'."

Mere laymen might wonder why Madonna would go to the trouble of sampling elements of the track and then "hiding" them, but the details of music busuiness litigation are arcane.

"The unauthorized sampling was deliberately hidden within Vogue so as to avoid detection," the suit claims. "It was only when VMG specifically looked for the sample, with the technology available to it in 2011, that the sampling could be confirmed."

It seems appropriate that the track, about the long defunct gay nightclub trend for throwing movie star shapes, should have been derivative, but it is difficult to see the suit having much success after a hiatus of 22 years.

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