Making a Pig's Ear of it

Heston Blumenthal has always been famed for his unique take on cooking (see snail flavoured ice cream for more info.) Well he's now gone one step further and used his culinary skills to fashion a new instrument made out of a dead pig. Okaaay.

The goggle eyed celebrity chef is working with musician Matthew Herbert to make the bizarre instrument for his new appropriately titled album ‘One Pig’.

‘The pig will be cooked by Heston Blumenthal’ explained Herbert to Fact magazine. ‘We’ll then have a banquet and the bones will be turned into a flute on which to play'.

‘There is all this locked-up potential in sound. That is what my work is about – it is the artist's responsibility to make connections, no matter how absurd they are and where they lead us to.’

The pig wasn't available for comment.

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