Making Enemies

One of the most irritating traits that Oasis imprinted on the pub rock bands that followed them was hubris. Ever since Noel Gallagher felt the need to tell everyone that Oasis were the best band in the world, and that everyone else was rubbish, clod-hopping indie bores have been lining up to say the same thing.

Take The Enemy for instance, who are a inoffensive but entirely conservative indie rock band with little in the way of new ideas. Their frontman thinks it’s entirely ok to start going on about how good they are, and sets himself the high bar of acoustic droolers Keane to beat.

‘I like playing before bands that aren't as good as us,’ said Tom Clarke. ‘It gives you a bit of a buzz - especially after our storming performance at V.

‘I was with a mate in a restaurant recently. When Keane came on he made the manager turn it off because it was affecting his digestion.

‘The first single off their last album sounded like the theme tune to Byker Grove. It's one of those thoughts you should keep to yourself.’

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