Malcolm McLaren’s Minute Of Mayhem

In a music world full of locked-jaw reality TV puppets it’s important to appreciate the ones who have a personality and aren’t afraid to use it. Punk impresario Malcolm McLaren was one of them, or at least he was until cancer sadly got the better of him on April 8th.

His funeral was held in London yesterday and to mark his life and the contribution he made to music with the Sex Pistols in the 70s, there was a minute of mayhem at midday. Music fans were encouraged to stop what they were doing and play their favourite record as loud as they could. At midday a funeral possession brought McLaren’s coffin with the words, ‘too fast to live too young to die’ on their way through Camden high street with a PA blaring out tunes such as 'My Way' and 'Rock Around The Clock'.

Malcolm McLaren was later buried in Highgate Cemeter. R.I.P.

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