Man (Roger Daltrey) on the Moon

The story of The Who drummer Keith Moon could potentially be one of the best films made about the the 60s and the temptations and self destructive impulses of one of the era's most eccentric stars. On the other hand, the film could be a cheesy pile of nonsense, worthy only of Channel 5, if someone like Rhys Ifans was cast. This is the dilemma that Roger Daltrey is grappling with, as he attempts to get the movie made.

The Who singer told The Star: 'The Keith Moon film depends on someone sitting me down long enough with a writer to get it right. If I sat down for six weeks with a good writer, I could get it done, I've got it all in pictures in my head. I know what the film should look like, the way the narrative should be structured.' Daltrey has been picky, rejecting previous scripts, including one written with Mike Myers playing the lead. Yep, Austin Powers...

Roger, it sounds like you've got a battle on your hands.

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