Manic for Dr Who script

Remember David Tennant? No? Well he used to be everyone’s favourite Dr Who; that was until a little unknown actor called Matt Smith regenerated to become the eleventh doctor. But as good as Matt Smith is, the real key to the huge success of the brand new series is the superb multi-layered scripts courtesy of one Mr. Stephen Moffat.

But according to reports he is due to get an extra helping hand in the guise of none other than Manic Street Preachers’ bassist and lyricist Nicky Wire. The bands' website ManicStreetPreachers.com confirmed that he is currently hunched over a type-writer banging the keys to a new Dr Who save-the-universe dilemma.

The new ep goes by the title of 'Do Not Go Gently', and has been described by Wire as, ‘the idea is centred around Dylan Thomas' last days in New York. Of course, it's going to have a massive f***ing monster in it too.’

Dr Who? More like Russell T Davies who! HAHAHAHA! (FAO Non-nerds: he was the guy who wrote the Tennant episode).

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