Manics singer hits out at ‘gap year music’

James Dean Bradfield has admitted that he holds no truck with modern bands.

The Manic Street Preachers frontman told the Daily Record that the lack of successful guitar music in the charts is ‘depressing’, in a rant sounding suspiciously like an old guy wishing things were like they used to be.

Bradfield said: ‘I think it is still easy to fall in love with a record but it's not so easy to fall in love with a band. I don't look at a band now and think that it is going to be amazing or a great band.

‘I don't see a story unfolding with bands because it is gap year music. It seems like somebody has said, 'I think I'll do an album then my dad will give me a job in the accountancy firm'.’

He continued: ‘Look at the first Clash album through to Sandinista! It is a great line that band walked and you knew they were great enough to screw up and get there in the end.

‘If a band has success now, straight away they form a side project or give their songs away to a superbrand. It doesn't feel like being in a band is a badge of honour.’

Bradfield added: ‘I was looking at the Top 40 and it's like the indie wars never happened. It's as if Manchester, Seattle and Britpop never existed.

‘Britpop meant guitar bands were in the top five every week. For a guitar band to be in the Top 40 now is a rare thing. It's all pop music. It is really depressing.’

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