Marina and the Diamonds can’t cut it

Marina and the Diamonds claims she feels like a failure.

The singer, whose real name is Marina Diamandis, is miffed at not achieving more in 2010 and reveals that she is ‘p*ssed off I'm not bigger’.

Marina said: ‘It had been a big year but I feel more like a failure than a success. I haven't done anything I wanted to.

‘For someone who wants to be one of the best artists of her generation I’ve done f**k-all.’

She added: ‘The Americans, I absolutely adore my fanbase there, but it has been built purely on me and my online presence. The label haven’t really promoted me I’m afraid.

‘It’s very difficult. It’s not really the label's fault. The pop landscape there is so difficult to penetrate and as you go into this danceworld now.

‘Dance music was quite underground for a long time in America but now because of GaGa and people like that it has been brought back. You need to be in that pumping beats and I am certainly not.’

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