Marvelettes co-founder dies

The co-founder of Motown girl-group the Marvelettes, Gladys Horton, has died at the age of 66.

The singer passed away on Wednesday at a nursing home in California, reports the BBC. She had been recovering from a stroke.

Horton formed the Marvelettes with school pal Georgia Dobbins .The group were signed by Berry Gordy's Motown label in 1960 before their breakthrough single Please Mr Postman, the group’s only US number one and the Motown label’s first chart-topper.

The song, which featured drumming by Marvin Gaye on the original version, was memorably covered by both the Beatles and the Carpenters - the latter group taking the track to the top of the US charts again in 1974.

Horton left the group in 1967, after she was replaced as the Marvelettes’ lead singer by band mate Wanda Young Rogers.

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