Material for a new album?

This isn't essential celebrity news but as all the tabloids appear to be running with it we thought we’d follow suit. Are you sitting down? Good...Chris Martin’s parents have split-up.

Obviously never a nice thing to happen to all involved, including the children. According to The Mirror Chris is finding it ‘incredibly difficult emotionally’ to come to terms with the end of mum and dad’s 30 year marriage. The newspaper even goes on to say daddy Anthony has already begun a new relationship whilst mummy Alison has moved out of the family home in Devon.

And? There’s some quotes from a made-up source that wheel out predictable lines such as ‘Chris has always been extremely close to his father’, ‘watching his parents split has been heartbreaking for him’, ‘he's desperate to stay close and in regular contact with both of them’ and ‘one of the most upsetting aspects of the break-up has been their decision to sell their family home’.

On the plus side, it's material for a new album.

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