When you've been in the most successful, critically-acclaimed band in the world; when you've performed at all the great venues, both with bands and as a solo artist; when you've met the Queen, Nelson Mandela and the Pope; when you've converted the singer of Travis to vegetarianism; what else is there on this green Earth to achieve?!

Apparently Sir Paul McCartney has one more burning wish: for his songs to appear on Glee.

Yeah, we don't get it either. But show creator Ryan Murphy has revealed that McCartney sent him CDs of some of his songs a couple of weeks ago, hoping they could be sung on the show. 'It came out of blue in a package, handwritten, and it had two CDs and it said 'Hi Ryan, I hope you will consider some of these songs for Glee',' Murphy told the NME.

Murphy was, unsurprisingly, 'gobsmacked.' A collaboration was inevitable. 'Of course we are going to do something with him.'

What, exactly, isn't clear (though we assume Murphy didn't mean 'tell him to sod off'). Will Macca actually appear on the show? Will the warbling teens trill a few of his choons? We reckon seeing Finn and Mercedes doing 'Ebony and Ivory' would be, well, weird.

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