McCartney back in studio

Paul McCartney has been back in the studio working on new songs, according to producer Ethan Johns. McCartney’s last album, Kisses On The Bottom, was a nostalgic revisiting of songs he learned in his youth, but the new material seems to be a little fresher.

McCartney has been working with Johns and Mark Ronson on the new songs. "This is very different to the last album," Johns said. "We’ve done two sessions already and the third is in a few weeks. It's sounding great. He's still one of the most extraordinary recording talents. There’s a song on the record called 'Hosanna' which is absolutely heartbreaking – just Paul and an acoustic guitar. It’s gorgeous."

Johns added that McCartney had also been working with Ronson on material that was bound to be "modern-sounding". "I’m not sure what it is for," Johns told NME. "I'm simply a guy in his phone book he calls up every now and again and asks if I want to do something. And you don’t say no to McCartney. I mean, who would?"

McCartney had an eventful summer. The local authorities pulled the plug on his impromptu live performance with Bruce Springsteen at Hyde Park just as the mahogany-haired ex-Beatle was getting into his stride. Judging by McCartney’s excruciating performance of 'Hey Jude' at the Olympics opening ceremony in August, that decision might have been a merciful one.

McCartney was most recently seen performing a couple of Wings songs with Damon Albarn and others on the Blur singer’s Africa Express train tour.

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