Me? Plagiarise? With my reputation?

It seems that this week is the week for plagiarism accusations. Yesterday we had Calvin Harris catching merry hell from Chris Brown fans after he accused him of pinching his song ‘I’m Not Alone’, now we have a slightly odder claim against Nick Cave from an unknown Scottish musician.

Twenty-nine-year-old Frankie Duffy has claimed that Cave’s band Grinderman nicked large parts of his song ‘Grey Man’ for their track ‘Palaces Of Montezuma’, accusations that Cave scoffed at in a way only a well-known musician can.

‘I can't help thinking that Nick Cave was sitting in his house one night and decided to surf some unsigned bands and saw our site, saw we were split up and thought, 'I'll have that track, nobody will ever know',' said Duffy. ‘I couldn't believe it when I heard that track. It stood out a mile - it's exactly the same chords and the same hook as the intro to 'Grey Man'.

On the Grinderman album you can hear the band talking and you can hear the words 'grey man' being said, so maybe it's not as much of a coincidence after all.’

‘You may have read that some 17-year-old kid in Dundee is trying to sue me and is claiming to have written this song,’ said Cave at a concert last week. ‘That's funny, because I wrote it for my wife.’

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