Metallica and Lou Reed: 'The View' full version

Last week we gave you a little taster of Lou Reed's collaboration with thrash metal legends Metallica; a teaser of a track off the joint album 'Lulu', which is based on Frank Wedekind's 1913 play about the life of an abused dancer. Well they've unveiled the full six-minute version of 'The View' for fans to listen to now, and we're sad to say that it's completely pony. Which doesn't give us much hope for the album, frankly.

It sounds like a tube station drunk warbling over a Metallica track, which if that was the vibe for they were going for they've done great. However we think they were going for something a bit more profound and emotional than that. Take a listen and despair at how little two of music's biggest name have to offer these days. The album is released on 31 October if you're still interested; can't think why you would be, mind you.

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