Metallica recording again

Metal legends Metallica are heading into the studio to start work on a long-awaited follow-up to their Death Magnetic album. It has been four years since they last released any new material.

Drummer Lars Ulrich told Metal Hammer that the band have plenty of new songs lined up for the project. "Every time James Hetfield picks up a guitar, there are some brilliant riffs that come out of it," Ulrich said, "and I try to make sure that they are all recorded and try to do my best to keep up with them and try to put some drums in behind them."

Before work on the album gets under way in earnest, Metallica are finishing up work on a 3D film production with director Nimrod Antal, and are booked to play the Outside Lands festival in San Francisco in August.

“There are obviously tons of ideas sitting around waiting to be had at in terms of turning ideas of James' into songs," Ulrich said. "Pretty much when we're done with the movie and with Outside Lands, which should all be wrapped up by early September, we're going to basically just concentrate on new music and try to get another Metallica record."

Their performance at Download in June was voted the highlight of the UK festival, which is impressive given that the reformed Black Sabbath were on the same bill. At that show Metallica delighted hardcore fans by playing their 1991 album, commonly known as The Black Album, in full.

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