MGMT ‘Flash Delirium’

You can’t accuse MGMT of following the crowd. Within 10 seconds of hearing Flash Delirium it’s obvious that it sounds like nothing else around. Taken from their eagerly awaited second album ‘Celebration,’ unlike power pop anthems 'Kids' and 'Time To Pretend' it’s a mix mash-up-mess of nonsensical lyrics and Jefferson Airplane style psychedelia.

The Brooklyn duo recently announced that they weren’t going to release any singles from Celebration - which initially implies none of them are good enough to be singles. But judging from this first cut it’s more like no radio station would ever play it. Well, apart from BBC6 Music and we all know what might happen to that.

Congratulations is released on April 12 and Flash Delirium is available to download for free now from Whoismgmt.com. WARNING! The following tune is insane and will bend your tiny mind...

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