Michael Bublé tickets 2011 London: still unavailable

Michael Bublé is a multiple award-winning Canadian singer and songwriter. His career started at just 16, when his grandfather managed to secure him gigs singing in nightclubs in return for his services as a plumber to the club owners.

He found worldwide commercial success with his 2005 album It's Time, and his 2007 album Call Me Irresponsible was an even bigger success, reaching No.1 on the Canadian Albums Chart, the US, the Australian and the European charts. Bublé has sold more than 35 million albums worldwide which is massive in today's music world.

Michael Bublé Tickets are among the best selling and most in demand of any artist currently touring, and he has been received with rave reviews in every show on the current world tour. Michael Bublé tickets 2011 London are not currently available, but he will play Huntington Countryside Garden on Tuesday 7th June.

Seatwave.com are selling tickets at four different prices, ranging from £120.71 to £189.59.

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