Michael Jackson fans want tribute concert cancelled

Michael Jackson fans don't appear to be very happy about the tribute concert being held in his name at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium in October: his fan club members have written a open letter to his mum Katherine, urging her to cancel the gig.

The 'Michael Forever Tribute' is to take place on 8 October, and is to feature the likes of Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera. Rock band Kiss were also due to play, although they were recently dropped after it was revealed Gene Simmons thought that Michael Jackson was a child molester. However it was the original decision to include the band on the bill, as well as the timing – right in the middle of Dr Conrad Murray's manslaughter trial – that has caused them to predict that the concert is doomed to fail. Also, why is it in Cardiff?

'From the timing of this tribute, in the middle of Dr Murray's trial, to the ticketing prices, to the obscurity over what charities will be receiving the donation, to the no-guarantee policy of performers, the addition of Gene Simmons and dishonouring, thus tarnishing, Michael Jackson's legacy was simply the last straw,' read the 'Fans Against Michael Forever Tribute' Facebook page. And once it's on Facebook you know it's official.

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