Michael Jackson tribute shows cancelled

In news that will surprise precisely no-one, the concerts that were to be held at London’s O2 Arena in tribute to Michael Jackson have been called off.

They were planned to take place later on in August, and big stars had been named as contributors; Justin Timberlake and Beyonce were on the list, but organisers AEG ran out of time to finalise contracts with performers and the gigs are being scrapped.

‘If they ever happen, it will not be until next year,’ said a source to The Times. ‘We didn't want to rush out something that was sub-standard - we would rather wait until we have got the best possible people.’

‘The “potential” tribute show on August 29 was never pursued because of the estate,’ Chief executive of AEG Live Randy Phillips claimed. ‘AEG Live and Sony Pictures agreed that the first time an audience should see the “This Is It” production was October 30, 2009 when the concert film/documentary opens worldwide.’

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