Michael Stipe: ’I nearly died’

R.E.M. founder Michael Stipe has revealed that he almost died aged 14 when he became stranded atop a mountain, and began showing signs of hypothermia.

The rock legend recounted how he got lost while on a Scout trip and the harsh weather conditions made him dangerously ill.

He tells the New York Post: ‘I nearly died at 14. I was a Boy Scout lost on top of a mountain. It was very cold, wet and horrific. My father thought I was dead. First stage of hypothermia is uncontrollable shivers. Then, hallucinations. Then you fall asleep - then you?re gone. I had the first two stages.’

Stipe has ever since been nervous of the great outdoors as a result of the incident.

He adds: ‘When I got home I went inside and almost never came out. I’ve since developed a fear of the outdoors.’

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