Mick Jones offers to help save 100 Club

Last week we revealed that the legendary London music venue the 100 Club could go out of business before the end of the year, after its main man Jeff Horton said that rent and bills had increased by a colossal amount and that if a buyer didn’t come in ‘we’re closing a Christmas, despite being a popular as ever.’

This now means that if London’s music fans want to keep hold of a venue that has hosted some of music’s biggest names, as well as help blood hundreds of bands, some sort of campaign needs to be waged. Thankfully if one was set up they’d have the support of former The Clash guitarist (latterly producer of The Libertines) Mick Jones, although he doesn’t specify how exactly eh would help out. Maybe by giving some money?

‘If someone's going to do something and I'm available then I'd love to help,’ Jones said. ‘You have to balance it with the fact that life changes, but I'd love to help.’ Yeah, lots of money would do.

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