Miley Cyrus Almost Bare Breasted in Halloween Homage to Lil' Kim

  • Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus does it again: a good flashing of bare skin and off she goes to conquer the web.

The pop star unleashed on her official Twitter and Instagram pages a series of snap shots portraying herself all dressed up in a rather cute purple outfit, complete with lush purple wig and nipple pastie. They've gone quite viral, as usual. We must admit Miley looks rather good in the one-sleeved mermaid-inspired jumpsuit, with the fake long hair somehow adding a most needed sophisticated touch to her overall style.

As far as the almost bare breasted look goes, in fact, I personally find it very much within decency limits, especially after the poor taste displayed by the young star in her latest live performances and videos. In addition, the nipple pastie does a really great job, not much else needed there to cover up really!

PHOTOGALLERY: Miley Cyrus 2014 Halloween Homage to Lil' Kim

But the outfit is not all about looking sexy: Miley here is actually paying homage to one of her favourite stars, New Yorker rapper Lil' Kim. It turns out, in fact, that what Miley is wearing is an exact replica of her best loved rapper's outfit at the VMA in 1999.

Apparently, at the time Lil' Kim caused as much as an uproar by parading on stage in the see-through purple number as Miley did this year by twerking up the very same show wearing much, much less (and with much, much less taste) than this. One thing is for sure: Lil' Kim was absolutely chuffed about it and promptly tweeted to Miley's attentions, demonstrating her love and support. So far, so good for both of them, and for us too, considered that the purple-mermaid-wanna-be Lil' Kim-Miley has posed with a certain grace for these Halloween self-portraits.

Quite surprisingly, in fact, there is only one pic where the young start sticks out her signature huge tongue, and another one where she just delicately, merely leans her b-side on a grinning zombie. One may actually say some improvements can bee seen here... What do you think? Will Lil' Kim actually be disappointed by so much chastity?

PHOTO GALLERY: Miley Cyrus 2014 Halloween Homage to Lil' Kim

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