Miley Cyrus locks lips with Katy Perry during Bangerz tour

Miley Cyrus decided to pay tribute to Katy Perry' 2008 super hit song “I kissed a girl" as she locked lips with the singer, Saturday night at Staples Center, during the Los Angeles leg of her Bangerz tour.

During her rendition of recent single “Adore You,” where she encouraged the audience to make out with each other saying “I don’t know if you know this, but tongue is really appreciated at a Miley Cyrus show,” she spotted Katy Perry standing and dancing in the front row and leaned down to lock lips with her.

After giving Katy the kiss, the 21-year old Miley declared, “I just kissed a girl and I really liked it a lot.”

Apparently Katy Perry also enjoyed the kiss even if she covered her mouth with her hand, as she later tweeted "And after! I adore you @MileyCyrus," adding a tongue emoticon.

It wasn’t anything earth shattering seeing we’re in 2014, but the kiss got plenty of coverage, but many may not recall that the queen of pop Madonna kissed both Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera during their performance at the VMAs in 2003, and that was truly an ‘iconic’ moment, anything after is just being a copycat.

Miley kissing Katy was probably the tamest moment of the tour, that has been receiving some pretty heavy backlash from parents who up in arms against the former Hannah Montana star turned provocative twerker.

Cyrus riding a giant hot dog, grabbing her crotch and simulating fellatio on men wearing masks of former US presidents Bill Clinton and Abraham Lincoln, sucking on a foam finger has and dressed in a leotard covered in rhinestone-embellished marijuana leaves, have parents calling for the entire raunchy tour to be axed.

Miley defended her tour performances on Twitter, "You can't say I didn't warn you. sit back relax & enjoy the show. #bangerztour."

"Save your complaints for the McDonalds drive thru when they forget the "fries with that"

We wonder what Harry Styles, Zac Efron, Hilary Duff, the Kardashians, Max George , Christina Aguilera, Kendall Jenner, Sarah Paulson and Diane Keaton who were also in attendance, thought of the concert.

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