Mitch Winehouse's drug rehab mission

Amy Winehouse's father is trying to make some good come out of his daughter Amy's death: he's on a mission to found a drug treatment foundation in her name, and is now meeting with the country's great and good to see that his objectives will be carried out.

Mitch Winehouse went to see Labour MP Keith Vaz, chairman of the Commons home affairs select committee. And has said that he wants to do something for drug users who don't have the money to pay for private clinics; i.e. almost all of them.

'I want to involve myself in things that would have been important to Amy,' he said. 'This is why we are going to be setting up the Amy Winehouse Foundation. This isn't only important to me, it's important to our whole country.

'There’s hundreds and thousand of young people in situations today that could be avoided, and these are our future policemen, doctors and lawyers and solicitors, that we could help. We need to be able to help our children.'

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