Moby Iscariot

It’s not quite on the mammoth scale of Bob Dylan ditching folk for electric to cries of ‘Judas!’ back in the 60s, but many will be surprised at the news that musical skull cap Moby has announced he isn’t going to use any electronic instruments on his new album.

The Porcelain warbler has been a staunch champion of all things electronic since his popular coffee coaster album ‘Play’. Scribbling about his new direction on his blog, Moby said, 'I really like trying to record a record with such specific restrictions placed on the creative process. At present the one rule is: no electronics. So everything has to be playable/recordable in the acoustic realm'.

This isn't the first time Moby has gone against his word; he famously said he'd never sell out and let his songs feature on adverts, just before he sold out and let his songs be used on adverts.

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