Monkeying about

Sheffield indie band-turned West Coast RAWK act Arctic Monkeys have announced a cheeky little European tour for their continental fans to wrap their enthusiasm around. That, as well as their very, very poor attempts at an English style of dress. Especially the Italians.

Having said that, it’s not much of a tour, given that they’re only off to five countries (Italy, France, Germany, Portugal and Spain) over the course of two-and-a-bit weeks. Where on earth are the Latvian dates, hmm? Or Estonia, for that matter? Nowhere, that’s where. Unbelievable. Where they are playing is listed right below this mini rant about the alienation of Eastern and Central Europe from our glorious pop culture. Bah. They're touring in support of their third album Humbug, by the way.

  • Milan PalaSharp (January 26)
  • Grenoble Summum (27)
  • Rennes Liberte (29)
  • Bordeaux Medoquine (30)
  • Montpellier Zenith (31)
  • Porto Coliseum (February 2)
  • Lisbon Campo Pequeno (3)
  • Madrid Palacio Vassalage (5)
  • Barcelona Sant Jordi Club (6)
  • Munich Zenith (8)
  • Offenbach Stadthalle (9)
  • Dusseldorf Philips Halle (10)

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