More EMI woe

Just when things couldn’t get any worse for EMI it appears that they have: Pink Floyd have today announced that they are suing the record label over online royalty payments. It’s been well publicised that EMI has been in financial trouble for a number of years due to a mixture of music piracy, outstanding debts and poor album sales. But this latest dig in the ribs is another hard hit for Terra Firma owned label.

Pink Floyd are suing due to EMI selling their songs online separately when their contract allegedly states that their songs can only be sold in whole album form. Floyd’s lawyer Rupert Howe told a hearing in court: ‘It was unclear whether record companies would be selling direct to the consumer or through retailers. It's a matter of fact that the defendant has been permitting individual tracks to be downloaded online and that therefore they have been allowing albums not to be sold in their original configuration.’

The case is expected to take months, if not years to conclude.

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