More Google goodness

Google have certainly been pumping out the new content over the last couple of days. Yesterday we saw how they’d launched personalised searches for everyone, including those who didn’t have Google accounts, and today they’ve launched real time search results, which give you updates from news sites (and Facebook and Twitter, obviously) within seconds of them being posted. You can see how in the helpful video below.

Neat, no? Even neater is Visual Search, which works in a frankly freaky manner. You take a picture of the location you’re in, and it attempts to recognise where you are send back search results which might help you have a spiffing time. As well as that you can scan business cards and add the details, search for details of books by taking pictures of their covers and use the augmented reality feature, which is outright scary: point your video camera at a location and it will overlay details of the shops and businesses that you’re looking at. Simply terrifying, the modern world. Just look at the video here. LOOK!

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