More iTunes Festie acts announced

Expect to get more of these updates in the coming weeks as it looks like organisers of the iTunes Festival prefer the tactic of drip feeding us with who's playing rather than hit us with the full line up from the beginning.

The now inaugural London festival will be held over 31 consecutives days in July with a crowd pleasing act set to headline each show. Already we’ve had confirmation that the Scissor Sisters, Ozzy Osbourne and Tony Bennett will be the stars of their respective days and now we can add the BBC Sound Of 2010 winner Ellie Goulding and hipsters The XX to the slowly growing list. If you want tickets (and who doesn’t) then head over to itunesfestival.co.uk to be in with a shout of snapping up a couple of freebies.

iTunes Festival 2010 takes place at the Camden Roundhouse in London and here’s what we know so far...Scissor Sisters (July 1) Tony Bennett (2) Ozzy Osbourne (3) Ellie Goulding (8) The xx (12)

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