More M.I.A nonsense

It seems that M.I.A just won’t let this feud with Lynn Hirschberg go. After putting her number up on Twitter after reading the article she did about her, she claimed that she was going to write her own version of what happened. Of course, she hasn’t. Instead she’s posted up a couple of audio tracks of her and Hirschberg talking, and a song slagging her off. Which isn’t the same thing at all, really.

The song contains lyrics directed at the New York Times scribe, saying: ‘Why the hell would a journalist be thick as shit’ and ‘You can talk shit to me I'm used to it/You make me hard with the wounds that I have to lick/You can pick on me and I can see it at a click.’

The other audio tracks appear to be the pair of them talking during the interview, although we only hear Hirschberg talking about how nice the chips are. Meanwhile M.I.A is laying down the law in a student fashion, talking about something or other. It’s incredibly tedious, really.

‘It wasn't just about me getting to the Oscars or me going to the Grammys, that doesn't mean anything, the whole point of that journey was so you can go, ‘Hey 50,000 people are going to die next month here's your opportunity to help’ and no-one did, and they still died! It wasn't about accolades or fame.’

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