More players in Jackson tragedy?

Some murder cases never close and remain unsolved for decades. Even more so for the case where the central figure in the plot was possibly the most famous pop singer in the world: Michael Jackson.

Recently, Joe Jackson, father to the youngest member of the Jackson family, spoke out about his fears that the doctor at the centre of the investigation for Michael's murder, and who was responsible for prescribing potentially lethal amounts of painkillers, was just a bit player in a much greater scheme, Music-news reveals.

'Joe said: 'Everyone is thinking about this doctor. The doctor is just a clay pigeon. Other people are involved. Michael told his mother they were trying to kill him for his publishing. I didn't know anything about it until he passed.''

Joe also unveiled plans to continue to use Michael's name to help fund a foundation set up in his name to benefit children's charities. These included converted Neverland into a theme park:

'I want people to know that it's (the Jackson Family Foundation) a legitimate foundation to make money and carry on what we have to do. It is for the health of people in need, like any foundation, in any part of the world.'

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