More post Oasis news

Oasis split up almost a year ago and since that day there hasn’t been an hour that hasn’t passed us by without some more details of what we can hear from the new look band line-up.

In the first few months, the idea of a Noel Gallagher and a Liam Gallagher solo album coming out around the same time (Battle of Britpop MKII?) generated some genuine excitement – who would win? Who’s the talented brother? I think we know the answer to that. Anyway, Liam has been chatting to every man and his dog since about the new look Oasis (Oasis minus Noel) but letting nothing out. This time he mumbled to Shirtlist that his band is still unnamed *yawn*, they plan on recording this month *yawn*, hope to release a single in October (nearly exciting) an album this year or next year *yawn* and maybe do some gigs to promote it *yawn*.

More in an hour.

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