Morning Glory

As the saying goes ‘build it and they will come’, and that could be the case if reports that Liam Gallagher is to release a line of sex toys is true (of course, that’s not how you’d spell come).

Talking like an aping buffoon to Oasis fansite live3ever.uk.com about the supposed success of his clothing line Pretty Green (impossible to get an honest account when fansite talks to hero) Liam G said he would consider venturing into a line of sex aids; ‘I could make knickers and thongs and all sorts of f***ing vibrators - Pretty Green f***ing soldier boy!’ and when asked if he’d just do some ladies garments he added; ‘not yet, bulls**t. Some girl asked me if I was making handbags so I said yeah.’

Liam Gallagher, you’ve changed, we thought it was ‘all about the music, man’?

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